Fukuoka IS Coffee
Not only is Fukuoka a place of coffee culture, in Japan it is also famous for its vibrant youth scene. So many coffee stands, you can't even begin to count. All kind of people are gathering here and even ... robots? Join Jimin from Korea on her short adventure through Fukuokas coffee scene!
This short film was shot for and displayed at the 8th anniversary party of Reevo. It is not meant for commercial use.
Music remix by DJ Nishida
Experience Japan - a Kimono Tour

20 second version

50 second version

A web commercial for Wa-Fuku travel, a small local travel agency in Kurume, Japan. 2 versions, a short and a long one, were released to spark interest in western travelers and guide them through one of the Wa-Fuku Travel tours to explore a more traditional side of Japan.

Kalavinka - a Hyoutan Lamp Lamp Workshop, with Tatsuishi Osamu

Explanatory and showcasing video of a Hyoutan Lamp workshop held by gourd artist Tatsuishi Osamu. The video is meant to guide potential participants through the process and take the fear of difficulties and complexity away. The video was also released with subtitles in 4 different languages.

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